Safe Families for Children


Home Gatherings

Whether you’ve hosted a child, engaged as a family friend, provided a meal, or simply want in on the Action that is Safe Families we encourage you to host a Home Gathering. A Home gathering is an easy way to share with others the movement of Safe Families. We’re looking to create a collective impact to help families in crisis across Cleveland.

Home gatherings are a demonstration of Biblical Hospitality.  Opening our homes to gather, organize, pray and motivate one another in fellowship is a natural part of what Safe Families does. . .  We open our hearts, our arms, our homes, and our lives.  This tactic utilizes the power of social networks in energizing supporters and persuading those who might be interested to become more engaged.  However, they must be run properly to be successful.  You must be focused completely on motivating people through our faith values and moving them to action through obedience.   A home gathering is a chance to develop leadership and launch others into Kingdom work collectively.

We come alongside your Home Gathering to help stimulate conversation and to equip you to tell the story.  It’s an easy way to share your passion in the comfort of your home. Contact us for more information:

Tom Csora, 773-573-6759,