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Freedom to Heal

This past November, my husband and I were blessed with our third child, another baby girl!  While preparing a plan for my hospital stay, we began to work out where and with whom our older children would stay.  Throughout this process we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from extended family, church family and neighbors!  After welcoming our newest baby into the world, we were incredibly thankful for the village that surrounded our family and cared for us and our children so well during that season in our lives.

Interestingly since returning to my role here at Safe Families for Children, many of the referrals from parents-in-need have revolved around needing medical attention or hospitalization; but there is no supportive family, friend or neighbor available to take in the children.  Thinking back to just a few months back to when I was experiencing the same scenario, my heart yearns for the opportunity for other moms and dads in our community to be able to experience the love of God and of family the way we have!  What an honor it has been for Safe Families for Children to come alongside these very situations, offering parents-in-need the freedom to heal.

One recent example is that of Sarah (name changed for privacy) a mom of three girls (like me!) needing hospitalization to address medical complications.  This momma, isolated from a support system, had no one to turn to and therefore was becoming dangerously ill.  Upon hearing of Safe Families for Children through the City Mission’s Laura’s Home, Sarah timidly made the call and asked for support for her three children. Not only was Safe Families able to connect her with a caring, compassionate family to love and nurture the girls, but her host family also transported her to the hospital and prayed with her, offering Sarah both the love of God and the love of family.  Upon returning to Laura’s Home and having her children rejoin her there, this mom shared about Safe Families with other moms, who shared with other moms, etc. and the network of support has been able to grow to Safe Families for Children coming alongside many of the families residing at Laura’s Home!  Thanks be to God!

In closing, we thank God also for you.  Thank you for continuing to pray and support the mission of Safe Families for Children.  Thank you for your perseverance in serving.  Through the volunteer movement of Safe Families for Children, parents are offered the freedom to heal while the children are kept safe!

Rebecca Quella MSW, LISW – Family Coach Supervisor