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Just One Cleveland

Just one Group, For One Kid, For one Year!

Through a community of devoted volunteers, Safe Families for Children creates extended family–like supports for families in crisis to keep children safe and families intact.

Groups across Cleveland are at the forefront of living out love to our neighbors in need! Some are providing respite for an overstressed family. Some are providing meals or mowing lawns. And even others are hosting children in their home while parents get back on their feet.

This ministry is volunteer-driven, professionally supported. Family Coaches and Safe Families staff work alongside parents in need as they formulate goals and work towards stability.

Will you be part of making a difference in Cleveland?

You can get involved in one of three ways:

Tier 1:

Personally Invest and commit to a minimum of “Just 1” kid for $1500. That’s just $125/month.

Engage your place of employment and ask them to support “Just 1” kid for $1500.

Tier 2:

Host Lunch & Learn conversations with your company and friends on how we can overcome child abuse & poverty across Cleveland.

Tier 3:

Become an economic circle of support using your business to do good in the community. Can you help “Just 1” parent or family gain and maintain employment? (I.e. Offer a job, befriend a parent in the workplace, provide a dollar match towards daycare expenses.)

Visit, then select “Cleveland” or contact us at or 216-310-7387.