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The Cleveland Chapter launched in 2016 and has been one of the fastest growing chapters in the US.  In 2018, we served 91 children through hosting arrangements, which is a 62.6 % increase from 2017.  In just over two years Safe Families for Children, has made a significant difference by serving the most vulnerable in our society with over 148 hosting arrangements and 25,000 + hours in volunteer engagement.  In addition, every child hosted in 2018 returned home to their families without intervention of Child Protective Services.

Our impact can be seen not only through hosting arrangements where we keep children safe, but allowing the time and space for parents/guardians to get the help they need.

Safe Families for Children is a volunteer lead movement of compassion nationwide. The greater Cleveland area has been fortunate to have a plethora of selfless people willing to open their hearts and home to host children and to engage with their parents.  This engagement accumulated well over 12,000 hours of involvement this past year.

In summary, for 2018 we had….
91 Child Hosting Arrangements
423 Overnight stays occurred for children to be in a safe loving home    
55 + Volunteer Host Families & Family Friends with over
12,000 + hours of Volunteer Engagement 
100 % of all children returning home to their families
We thank God for all that he’s blessed us with and we continue to trust his faithfulness to provide.  Although last year we saw a significant increase in growth we also encountered an unexpected end to our financial support from the foundation that helped us launch.  We are thankful that they helped us get off the ground and they have invited to us apply for another round of funding, yet, there’s no promise or guarantee of that coming to fruition.

While we continue to trust God to provide we look to his people to support this work of caring for the vulnerable in our society.  Our overhead is low, fortunately our work doesn’t require “brick-and-mortar” to operate, but it does require professionals in roles that ensure we are complying with child welfare regulations, vetting volunteer families, assuring homes are safe, and ongoing materials and supplies.

We are asking that those who see this as an important movement of God to come alongside us in support.  Ongoing monthly giving provides us with a consistent account of incoming revenue that enables us to plan accordingly all year round.

The following is a simple breakdown of our ongoing expenses to help families in crisis in Cleveland.  Please prayerfully consider how you can financially support us.

  • $250/month – Provides professional oversight of a hosting arrangement to ensure safety of children.
  • $200/month – Provides for the vetting of volunteers in accordance with legal requirements.
  • $150/month – Supports the recruitment and ongoing care of existing volunteers.
  • $100/month – Supports Church and social agency relationship management.

Click the button below to make an online financial gift or by mail to:
Safe Families for Children – Cleveland
3800 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113