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1. What kind of support do volunteers provide?

Family Friend support: Friendship, encouragement, park meet-ups, occasional help with kids, advocacy, researching resources, and more through weekly connections. 

Hosting Support: Overnight care of children in a vetted, approved volunteer’s home (a few nights to a few weeks – up to 90 days), friendship, support, and more. 

2.Where do Family Friend connections take place?

Connections are a combination of in-person and phone support. These meetups will happen where parents and kids would normally go – libraries, parks, restaurants, and in homes. 

3. How often do we connect?

Family Friend Support: Family Friends connect on a weekly basis – aiming for once a month in-person. We plan for a 6-month relationship to start. 

Hosting Support: Parents are in contact with their children and the Volunteer on a daily basis. Weekly visits are planned for longer hostings. 

4. Who are the volunteers?

Our volunteers are compassionate people who are extensively screened (BCI/FBI Fingerprinting, References, Interview, and Home Safety Assessment), highly trained, and are mostly recruited from local churches. *There is no religious requirement to participate 

5. Is there a cost?

No, all support is offered free.